What is the HIV/AIDS Awareness Course?

The HIV/AIDS Awareness course covers a comprehensive range of topics on HIV/AIDS in the workplace.

Research shows that only a very small percentage of employers educate their staff around HIV/AIDS. The impact of HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases is being felt in the country as a whole, and the workplace is no exception. With infection rates still on the increase, businesses must be prepared to deal effectively with HIV/AIDS so as to maintain high levels of production whilst avoiding discrimination of those infected or affected.

Employers should ensure that selected staff are properly trained in how to handle employees who may be involved in an accident causing bleeding. It is essential that the first-aid staff know how to handle such situations to minimise the chances of infection to other people.


1 day


3 years

HIV/AIDS Awareness Course (AAT) at the Emcare Training Academy
HIV/AIDS Awareness Course

  • Main concepts and aspects of HIV/AIDS
  • Most common ways of HIV transmission
  • Reducing the risk of transmission
  • The symptoms of HIV/AIDS with reference to the stages of the disease
  • Window period in terms of the difference between HIV and Aids
  • Behaviours that promote HIV/AIDS
  • Basic applicable PEP treatment
  • Medicines used for HIV infection
  • Hard truth about AIDS
  • The immune system - antibody and antigen
  • How the human immune system works
  • Nonspecific immune system
  • Specific immune system
  • Memory cells
  • B cells and the antibody response
  • How does HIV actually affect the immune system
  • How does the virus lower your CD4+ T cell count
  • What is mother-to-child transmission
  • How can MTCT be prevented (PMTCT)
  • How will you know if your baby is infected with HIV
  • Why is VCT Important for HIV Prevention
  • VCT service delivery models
  • Diagram of VCT benefits
  • Blood safety
  • Risk of HIV/AIDS in the workplace
  • Facts concerning HIV/AIDS
  • Constitutional rights of employees
  • Employee benefits for persons with HIV or AIDS
  • Dismissal of employees with HIV/AIDS
  • Grievance procedures for employees with HIV/AIDS
  • Management of HIV in the workplace
  • Assessing the impact of HIV/aids on the workplace
  • Summary of regulatory framework for HIV/AIDS in the workplace
  • Measures to deal with HIV/aids within the workplace
  • Policy for developing a workplace HIV/AIDS programme
  • Consequences of not adhering to HIV/AIDS legislation
  • Role of the employer in improving the life of workers with HIV/AIDS
  • Summary of measures to deal with HIV/AIDS in the workplace
  • Purpose of HIV/AIDS policy
  • General HIV/AIDS policy
  • Confidentiality and disclosure as per HIV/AIDS policy
  • Occupational health and safety as per HIV/AIDS policy
  • Principles of an effective HIV/AIDS programme in the workplace
  • A workplace HIV/AIDS strategy as per HIV/AIDS policy
  • Practical workplace job and life-related application
  • Witness testimony
  • Additional information


  • English read/write proficiency.
  • Local language instructors are available on request for groups of 10+.
  • Unscheduled course, we require a minimum of 10 learners.


  • Available at all Emcare branches. Available at your premises for groups of 8+.



  • US13915
  • US116999
  • US14656
  • US114941
  • US12463
  • US8494

Certifications Available

  • Upon completion of this course, students will be awarded an EMCARE Certificate.

Additional Information

Included in Course

  • A4 certificates.
  • Learner manuals.
  • Training equipment.
  • Presentation equipment.
  • For training at your premises travel/accomodation charges may apply.

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