What is the COIDA Training Course (OHS 12)?

The Compensation for Occupational injuries and Diseases Act

To explain the legal requirements stipulated by the COID Act in a simple and easy understandable manner. The contents of the course cover the identification of general problem areas and the completion of the different prescribed forms and other relevant documentation.

It requires the application of the COID Act to authentic situations, its integration with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the requirements relevant to the incapacity of employees caused by occupational injuries and diseases. The contents cover the legal obligation and rights of employers, mutual associations, employees, dependants and third parties.



COIDA Training Course
Who should attend?

  • People who work with COIDA in all sectors
  • HR administrators
  • HR managers
  • COIDA administrators
  • Environmental awareness
  • Health and safety committee members
  • Health and safety representatives
  • OHS managers
  • Medical practitioners
  • Managers
  • Office Administrators and shop stewards.

Accreditation & Affiliates


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